Casino Welcome Bonus 2024

All you Need to know About Casino Welcome Bonus

Why do online casinos offer new customers welcome bonuses? All the questions about the casino welcome bonus you didn’t know that you should ask before signing up to an online casino.

If you are not used to going to online casinos, we invite you to discover with us the essential points to know to make the most of the casino welcome bonuses.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Best US Online Casinos 2024

What is a casino welcome bonus? A clear definition

Imagine being given extra money to wager in a land-based casino. Unthinkable isn’t it? However, virtual casino operators have made promotional offers to their Trojan horses. Indeed, it is by offering players to increase their bankroll through multiple casino bonuses that they will be able to increase their chance of winning fabulous winnings. Gambling enthusiasts were therefore very quickly tempted by these juicy promotions.

As a result, more and more players are abandoning land-based casinos to migrate to their online casinos’ counterparts. This trend is not really surprising since the online casinos have a considerable advantage compared to their elders: they offer users the possibility of taking advantage of bonuses. But what exactly is a casino with a bonus? Well, it is quite simply an online gaming operator offering its subscribers or future subscribers to receive sums of money and other gifts for free or at a lower cost.

No deposit casino bonus, first deposit bonus (or casino welcome bonus), free spins: by the end of your reading, you will know everything from A to Z about the various offers on the market and how they work.

The Different Casino Welcome Bonuses

Many casinos offer welcome bonuses to their newly registered customers in the form of a signup bonus or a deposit bonus. Casino welcome bonuses usually vary in several ways from each other.

Casino welcome bonuses are often either free spins or free money. There are always terms and conditions attached to these bonuses.

The winnings limits and wagering requirements are generally the terms and conditions. Additionally, bonus credit may be limited to use only on specific slot machines. Whatever conditions or terms are attached to them, welcome bonuses are a great way to get used to a casino.

Below we list the best online casino welcome bonuses.

Top Best Rated-by-Players Online Casinos in United States 2024

Royal Ace Casino

Players Rating:
Rated 4.0 out of 5
100% Match Bonus
Up To €/$/£ 10.000

Las Vegas USA Casino

Players Rating:
Rated 4.0 out of 5
400% Match Bonus
Up To €/$/£ 10.000

Megapari Casino

Players Rating:
Rated 0.0 out of 5
100% Match Bonus
Up To €/$/£ 1500
and 150 Free Spins

Between Free Casino Welcome Bonuses and Other Promotions, How to Get These Offers?

If you want to become knowledgeable about how these promotional offers work, we strongly advise you to learn all about the generalities of bonuses in order to fully understand the specificities of these promotions. So let’s start by seeing in which framework an offer can be granted to you.

Whether in the form of a casino welcome bonus or a free casino bonus, new registrants are usually always greeted on an interface with a casino welcome bonus. This is a nice gift allowing the casino to distinguish itself from the competition by showing all the generosity it is and will be ready to show.

If you choose your operator well, this promotion will be followed by many others. Online casinos regularly organize promotional campaigns, sometimes even several times a week.

Added to this are additional bonuses offered for example on your birthday, or if you refer a friend by inviting them to play on the site too. In short, if you manage to find a generous casino, the rewards will be constant… So now is the time to see together which platforms to favor!

Best Casino Welcome Bonus

A casino welcome bonus is a reward that online casinos offer their players during the first gaming sessions after they register from their homes. The bonus is provided as a raised percentage of the first deposit or multiple initial deposits. As a result, it is often referred to as a “first deposit bonus”.

With a large number of online casinos in operation and new casinos appearing every day, there is a need to encourage players to register. The casino welcome bonus is a great way to convince customers to come in and play at an online casino. Welcome bonuses are often enticing.

Casino welcome bonuses often differ in many ways from casino to casino. The actual amount is the only factor that guides potential customers in most cases. However, each bonus has terms attached. These conditions are what the customer should take into account before taking a bonus.

The “wagering requirement” is the most dangerous trap a potential casino new player should know. It refers to the amount of your money that you need to play in order to be able to withdraw any winnings. If you receive a casino welcome bonus of $ 100 10x, you will need to wager $ 100 of your money.

Best US Online Casinos 2024

Free Casino Welcome Bonus

Casino welcome bonus, whatever the conditions, are a great way to get used to a casino. They give you the confidence to try risky bets without fear of loss. This gives you a good chance to understand how the different game models work in the casino.

Always use welcome bonuses to bet on outcomes that you would not be putting your real money on. In many ways, losing your bonus is better than winning, especially if the wagering requirements are high. On the other hand, placing a risky bet can make you win big, so you are not afraid to invest to release your winnings.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Convert the Casino Welcome Bonus Into Real Money

You may have heard some seasoned players say that it is best to join a casino that does not have a bonus. This is because the real money you earn with the bonuses may not be easily convertible into money you can withdraw.

Having said that, you can still use your bonus to make smart bets. As mentioned earlier, risky bets give you the chance to win insane payouts. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with the games that casinos allow you to participate in using a bonus and then go for the risky bet.

How does the Casino Welcome Bonus Work?

Very simply: just read the instructions and terms of use on the online casino site. The casino welcome bonus is not always immediately offered. It will often be necessary to first make a first deposit which will define the amount of the bonus which is generally between 100 and 400% of your stake. Sometimes the bonus is spread over the first 2 or even 3 or 4 bets. But there are also the casinos which give away without condition and without deposit of money a sum to be played, just for the fun of it. 

First and foremost, as the name suggests, the casino welcome bonus is intended for the new player – so you will only get it once at each site. However, the number of online gambling sites is endless, so there’s nothing to stop you from trying them all and grabbing all the casino welcome bonuses from the best online casinos – you’ll find quite a few on this portal already! 

An interesting casino welcome bonus usually consists of several bonuses, the amount of which will be proportional to your first deposits, but also other advantages such as free slot machine spins and free credits. Some casinos have higher requirements than others, but we have only selected those that are reasonable, meet the criteria for online gaming, and have no pitfalls. 

So read our information on the different bonuses of each online casino to know the terms and conditions and choose the best casino welcome bonuses online.

The benefits of the casino welcome bonuscasino welcome bonus

Online casinos give out bonuses and promotional offers all the time – to new and old players alike. For newbies, it is of course essential to bet on these registration gifts. Online casinos are endless and they all want to have you as a customer.

Almost any casino or online gaming site will give you a casino welcome bonus when you open an account. The bonus often does not take effect until after your first deposit, however, some online casinos will not require any pre-wagering – which is quite attractive and lucrative! 

The value of the casino welcome bonus can range from 100 to 3,000 euros – which is far from negligible and suggests good prospects for gains barely landed on the online casino – which does not happen to older players. who are only entitled to more modest bonuses – unless of course you benefit from the VIP bonuses, but this is yet another story that we will talk about in another article. 

Finally, all this to say that with the casino welcome bonus, plus a little luck and strategy, you can get rich from your first bets! 

Wagering Conditions for the Casino Welcome Bonus Bet

As you may have heard, the devil is always in the details. Although casinos lure you in with casino welcome bonuses as absurd as 500%, they have a hidden feature that you won’t like; wagering requirement. It’s made to make sure you don’t get any freebies.

When you win by playing with a bonus, you cannot withdraw that money until you meet the wagering requirements. This is the multiple of the bonus that you must use to activate the winnings. If you receive a bonus of $ 100 with a 20x bet, you must use your own $ 2,000 to activate the winnings.

Best US Online Casinos 2024

We List the Best Casinos Welcome Bonuses For You, For An Incredible Experience

From the casino welcome bonus to regular promotions, through the anniversary offers, not all gambling sites are equal… As you will see in the rest of this article, many elements must be taken into account matters when choosing to access the best deals on the market, and unfortunately, not all casinos are up to it.

On this page, you will therefore find an unprecedented ranking bringing together the best casinos with bonuses, and will thus be able to easily make your choice. They were not only selected for their seriousness in terms of bonuses, but also for the quality of their game library, the variety of their payment methods (credit card, Paypal, etc.), the efficiency of their customer service.

You do not know which casino to choose from this list of top operators? In this case, we invite you to consult the online casino reviews written by our team of testers, by clicking on the name of each casino. There you will find a complete overview of the establishments’ promotional campaigns, as well as an analysis of other products, as we have just seen.

From the casino welcome bonus code to the activation of the offer: how do bonuses work?

Before wanting to take advantage of a casino welcome bonus, it is very wise to know how to use it. Indeed, these can offer you substantial advantages. It would therefore be a shame to miss it by not fully understanding how they can be of use to you.

When you play on a casino interface in “real money” mode and want to activate a promotion, you usually have to enter a casino bonus code. We invite you to consult our Gambling & Online Casino News section to find out whether such a code is required for registration or when filing.

A free casino welcome bonus will then be activated immediately and will increase your bankroll. In the case of a deposit bonus, however, you will need to make a payment of money into your player account. It is sometimes difficult for users to understand how these offers are structured. The casinos indeed set a maximum amount for each promotion, but also evoke a percentage that is not always easy to control. Here are some examples that will allow you to see more clearly about these casino welcome bonuses:

☑️ 100% up to € 100: the amount of your first deposit will be doubled, and you can receive up to € 100. € 100 deposit + € 100 casino welcome bonus = a total balance of € 200 to start playing;

☑️ 50% up to € 100: the amount of your first deposit will be multiplied by 50%, and you can receive up to € 100. € 200 deposit + € 100 casino welcome bonus = a total balance of € 300 to start playing;

☑️ 500% up to € 100: the amount of your first deposit will be multiplied by 500%, and you can receive up to € 100. € 20 deposit + € 100 casino welcome bonus = a total balance of € 120 to start playing.

Focus on the Conditions for Obtaining and Unlocking a Casino Welcome Bonus 

You now know inside out the specifics of the casino welcome bonus, so it’s time to find out about the different conditions of these bonuses. Indeed, some have deposit conditions and you will only be able to activate them after depositing a minimum amount or via a specific deposit method.

Others have wagering requirements. For example, you will have to wager a certain number of times the bonus amount in order to be able to withdraw the winnings you will get. Note that this figure should not exceed 50/60 times the amount of the casino welcome bonus to remain attractive.

In addition, some casino welcome bonuses offers are only available on very specific games or unlock more quickly on certain types of entertainment. This is referred to as the rate of contribution to the release of bonuses which can vary from 100% (all of your bets contribute to unblocking the offer on this type of game) to 0% (the bets invested in this game do not allow you to unlock the casino welcome bonus).

This is why it is important to read the bonus conditions before activating them, at the risk that this advantage turns into a very unpleasant disadvantage. You will therefore find on the market:

  • The slot machine with bonus;
  • The blackjack bonus;
  • The roulette bonus;
  • Or a bingo bonus.

Note also that the conditions for obtaining are in place, and are intended to limit abuse by players. Thus, a casino welcome bonus will generally only be awarded once per person, household, IP address, etc.

The best casino welcome bonuses are divided into different types:

The bonuses of online casinos are as numerous as they are varied. We find on the web very different promotional offers. It is therefore essential to know the characteristics of each in order to be able to use them at best. This is why we have concocted a complete paragraph for you that will describe, in detail, the specifics of the best casino welcome bonuses.

The casino bonus no deposit

With the no deposit casino bonus, the operator here offers you to receive a sum of money that is not conditioned by a deposit. You create your account and your balance thus displays a sum of a few euros, to allow you to start testing the products. Do not miss our exclusive offers on this subject, highlighted on our site.

The offers to pay

As we saw earlier, these are promotions that will be activated as long as you make a money deposit. A maximum amount and a percentage are applied, thus clearly framing the operation of these bonuses.

The casino free spins

These casino welcome bonuses may or may not be conditional on a deposit. Either way, you receive a certain number of tokens to use on the slots. It is important to note that some promotional operations invite you to benefit from these free games on all the machines in the panel; others are limited to a handful of slots and sometimes even to a particular game.

The free minutes

This offer is becoming rarer and rarer at casinos, so you are unlikely to come across it. Here, instead of free spins, you receive a pre-defined number of minutes to play without spending on the game library. Once the allotted time has expired, the gains generated will then be unlocked as indicated in the specific conditions of the offer.

What is a VIP program and what are the benefits?

The VIP program of a casino brings together the elite of players registered at the casino, you will not be able to access it, that’s obvious.

The VIP program is made to reward the best players, to make them understand that they are not like the others and that the casino is there to pamper them. When you’ve been VIP for long enough in a casino, you can afford to ask for anything – within reason, of course – you’ll find that your every request will be accepted.

Here is indeed a small overview of what VIPs can get from the casino when they have this status so popular:

First of all, the online casino will book a customer service agent only for that VIP, that is, you won’t have to talk to all the agents anymore, there is one who will follow you full-time;

Then, of course, you can receive more interesting bonuses than the other players, this means that the rates will be higher and above all, the wagering and withdrawal conditions will be to your advantage;

The cashback will certainly be one of the best proofs of the casino’s love for you because receiving money back on the deposits you make, unconditionally, is not often the case;

Finally, it is customary for casino operators to send in-kind gifts to their VIP players, such as wine, champagne, chocolates, vouchers, video or hi-fi equipment, travel, etc. Again, it all depends on what VIP level you are in.

The particularity of the High Roller bonuses presented here

As you work in the gambling industry, you will discover that there are several profiles of players. Among them, the “High Rollers” are those who do not hesitate to invest large sums of money during their games. Online operators have therefore developed special bonuses for this type of user.

Thus, High Roller casino welcome bonuses have become common in online casinos. These are special promotions, most often dedicated to players who are passionate about machines or table games and which have great potential, which translates into impressive bonuses for which the sums offered are nonetheless significant.

Of course, in order for the player to get a High Roller casino welcome bonus, he must make a deposit himself. If you like to play with a bonus and have the finances to do so, really do not hesitate to use the High Roller because it will not be rare that you end up with a sum of several thousand euros …

We do not hide it from you, to get so much money from the casino, your deposit will have to be accordingly, it is for this reason that the interfaces generally leave the players the choice between a classic casino welcome bonus and this famous one.

High Roller bonus that not everyone can necessarily afford. Be careful, even if you are a low-budget player, you will have every right to activate this casino welcome bonus but maybe the amount offered by the casino will be less.

Conclusion: why try to take advantage of online casino welcome bonuses? Advantages

As you can see in this article, players love all kinds of online casino welcome bonuses. If this phenomenon has continued to develop, it is indeed because these promotions provide users with a number of advantages.

When you are lucky enough to receive cash casino welcome bonuses or free spins that are unrelated to a deposit requirement, you can register on a site and start testing products without committing. If you don’t like the interface, you can leave it without having invested your own money.

Bonuses also have the advantage of often significantly increasing your bankroll, and therefore your potential winnings. By starting with a boosted sum, you multiply your chances of generating money during your games. Players also tend to bet harder and therefore generate larger payouts.

Finally, these offers often allow you to test games that you might not have launched under other conditions. Who knows maybe you will be able to discover new passions!

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