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Western Union Casinos: an alternative online payment solution

Western Union Casino is a financial company that has made money transfers its specialty since 1832. It is therefore one of the oldest payment solutions. Western Union promotes cash-to-cash transactions and is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, United States. Namely that Western Union is no longer its own leader since the group was bought by First Data Corporation.

Western Union casino has now expanded its activities by also doing communication and suggesting various business products such as money orders. In 2006, Western Union had no less than 250,000 points of presence in more than 200 countries around the world.

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How does Western Union work and what are the important points to know before using it?

Western Union actually offers two ways to transfer money. Initially, the user just has to go to a traditional physical Western Union branch – a bit like the post office counters. The user will then have to manually complete a money transfer form indicating his name and first name, an identity document, an address, and a telephone number.

He will have to do the same for both the sender (him) and the recipient (the one who will receive the money). As soon as the transfer has been validated by Western Union, the recipient must go to his nearest agency with the same documents as the sender. It is therefore a very simple process – even artisanal, which has the merit of being highly reliable.

The second way to make money transfers via Western Union is to send your money to the organization’s website. The sender will have to fill out a form again, but this time online. Using this method, the sender settles the payment through a debit card such as VISA or MasterCard. 

Western Union will send a receipt to the sender’s email address once the transaction is complete. If the recipient also has an online Western Union account, they will receive earnings directly. Otherwise, he will have to go to a traditional Western Union agency.

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Western Union Casinos

The different advantages and disadvantages of using Western Union to insure your payments

You should know that Western Union is singled out for cases of fraud and because of the permissive policy that is applied in certain countries, where money laundering is common.

We will also notice that Western Union has a major flaw: the company forces new customers to give their SIN (Social Insurance Number) if they want to open an account. This is considered illegal in some countries. Please also note that the receipt of cash is limited to EUR 8,000 per day per person.

However, Western Union is an organization that enjoys particular seniority which gives it certain reliability. This method of payment is still used by hundreds of thousands of individuals who have never balked.

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