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Why is Paypal Casino an increasingly popular solution?

Founded in 1998 in California and then acquired by the eBay company in 2002, Paypal is a revolutionary payment method that has dramatically changed consumer habits on the web. Paypal Casino is the second most used payment option on the Internet today. It is also regularly used by online gamblers who frequent virtual casinos and poker rooms. We, therefore, explain everything about using an online Paypal casino in this review to read carefully!

PayPal Casinos tops online

How does an online Paypal casino work?

Used by hundreds of millions of Internet users, the Paypal payment solution is both simple and efficient. By creating a free account on the website of the Paypal Casino entity, the user can send and receive funds at will.

You may know that Paypal allows you to send your euros to a third party at any time, regardless of their country of residence. And of course an online Paypal casino, it’s exactly the same. As long as you have both a customer account on a gambling site and a virtual wallet, you can instantly deposit funds via Paypal casino.

Paypal allows fund transfers in nearly 190 countries. The other extremely positive element is that the use of this virtual wallet is available on thousands of sites, including very many online casinos, as far as you are concerned.

How to use Paypal casino to play online gambling easily?

Some of our readers will already have a Paypal account and know how to use it, but others may never have really heard of this online casino deposit method. So here we are going to present the user procedure from scratch so that everyone can understand step by step how to make a Paypal casino deposit and then withdraw the fruit of its victorious games afterward!

Create an account on Paypal

You will see it immediately, the Paypal payment method is very easy to use. Before starting at one of the online Paypal casinos listed above, you will need to start by creating an account on the official website, namely

Whether you want to deposit from  any other authorized country, the procedure will be the same:

  1. Once on the official website, start by clicking on “Create a Paypal account”;
  2. On the registration form, enter a valid email address, a password, and your personal data;
  3. Once done, you will need to link your virtual wallet space to a debit card or even a bank account. And yes, when you want to switch funds to your player account, it will have to be debited somewhere in one way or another;
  4. After this has been done, the Paypal financial service will take a few hours to validate your registration, then you can start enjoying your brand new e-wallet as you wish!

Deposit money on your PayPal casino account

Did you find the right thing for you among the online Paypal casinos presented above? You have also created your electronic wallet and now want to use your Paypal electronic money on it? To carry out transactions very quickly, two different solutions are available to you:

  • If you prefer, you can simply always have a sum of money in your e-wallet, which you will have previously paid from a card or a bank account. This will be of use to you for all your future transactions;
  • The other option is quite simply to have the bank card linked to your Paypal account debited for each transaction, which prevents you from leaving money in your virtual wallet.

To use this payment method, start by logging into your player account at the PayPal casino that you have chosen. Once done, go to the section dedicated to deposits and withdrawals, then choose “Paypal Casino”. At this stage, you will simply have to enter the amount you wish to transfer, and the identifiers of your Paypal account.

A few seconds will be enough to switch the funds and – if you are a new customer – to activate in the process your welcome bonus which may consist of a deposit offer or appear as free spins!

Withdrawing money with Paypal

When you play the machines and other entertainment, you look forward to being able to generate some winnings and then be able to withdraw them. Be aware that an online Paypal casino offering you to make deposits will also often offer you to make withdrawals using this same method.

If Paypal is one of the best ways to carry out transactions on the internet, and therefore on gambling sites, it is mainly because users can get their money back quickly. Generally, as soon as the casino validates your payment, you only have to wait 1 or 2 days to receive the fruits of your winning games.

Again, a few clicks are enough once you are logged into your player account to place your request. It’s simple as hello!

PayPal Casinos

Advantages and disadvantages of a Paypal casino

Before using a payment platform, you must be sure that it offers a flawless level of security. We will allow you here to discover point by point the strengths and weaknesses of this virtual payment method before you get started on an online Paypal casino.

The advantages of a Paypal casino

After having used this option on our side for years – and having also asked for the opinions of players on the matter – these are the main strengths we wanted to present to you:

  • On a casino that accepts Paypal, you play after making an instant transfer, and you very quickly withdraw the winnings on a machine or a roulette game for example;
  • This payment method uses protocols that guarantee the confidentiality of user information. On a casino with Paypal, you can therefore deposit and withdraw with your eyes closed ;
  • The fees on Paypal are quite low, which is why we recommend it. Players going through an online Paypal casino will therefore appreciate this tool which rarely charges fees;
  • Failure to offer PayPal at an online casino can be indicative of a lack of credibility. This tool is only used on sites operating from reliable countries and never from certain states deemed to be dangerous.

The disadvantages of an online Paypal casino payment

Of course, not everything can always be perfect. With such qualities, however, we can easily forgive this payment provider for the following small flaws:

  • If your player account is not in the same currency as your Paypal account, you will have to pay additional fees;
  • Be sure to read the T & Cs of the casinos because this deposit tool does not always allow you to activate a welcome bonus or additional promotions. To be sure you can benefit from your deposit bonus or free spins, inquire before depositing.

Fees for the use of a supporting Paypal casino 

Want to play roulette, on a slot machine, or on any other game? For this, you will need to make a Paypal payment casino. Yes, but will avoiding traditional banking solutions and making payments or recovering earnings be subject to fees? This is what you will find out here.

Deposit fees

You play at casinos only after making a deposit, but sometimes a platform charges fees on these transfers. The real advantage when you use this payment method is that you don’t have to pay any fees. Please note, this is only valid if you do not have to convert currency in the process. Let us take two examples:

  • Your Paypal account is in euros and your game operator offers precisely this currency: you do not pay any fees;
  • Users from Canada who play on a French site in euros will have to convert their funds from the Canadian dollar and will then have to pay fees.

Withdrawal fee

When you make your withdrawal, the funds go from your player account and are stored on your e-wallet. For this transfer, you don’t have to pay any fees – unless the casino decides otherwise. However, to return the money from your Paypal account elsewhere, you may sometimes have to pay fees. Here are the two most common scenarios:

  • You send the funds back to one of your bank accounts: you don’t have to pay anything;
  • You send the funds back to one of your debit cards: depending on where you live, you have to pay 1% or 2 €.

Head to the perfect online Paypal casino with thanks to our listings of the best establishments

Would you like to find an online Paypal casino and is also the ideal platform? For that, you might want to find slot machines galore, but also jackpot machines, roulette, poker, and a thousand and one other games?

You will certainly also want to be able to benefit from all kinds of bonuses, starting with a generous welcome bonus? So how do you find the best operators in the sector who combine all these qualities? By consulting our Top at the top of this article of course!

For each of the Paypal casinos that you will find at the top of this page, you can consult a review that is both short and rich in information that will give you our opinion on the establishment.

You will find an update on many elements, such as example the casino games that will be available to you on the interface, the promotions that the house sees fit to offer you, the security of other means of payment, the friendliness, and the seriousness of customer service agents…

In short, before you jump into real money on one of the casino operators on offer, take the time to consult these sheets to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Thanks to this tool allowing them to know our opinion, players will be able to find the perfect online Paypal casino within no time!

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